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Andrews Consulting Background

My experience Includes:

     * Designing and Implementing Desktop Solutions
     * Designing and Implementing Database Solutions
     * Designing and Implementing Web Solutions
     * Designing and Implementing Hardware Solutions
     * Designing and Implementing Network Solutions
     * Business Analysis Solutions
     * Engineering
     * Estimating

My clients have included:

     * Michelin
     * USPTO
     * US Army COE
     * ACEUSA Insurance
     * Signal Holdings
     * Crawford & Co.
     * Ebsco
     * Flexible Corporate Plans, Inc.

Having worked and consulted in a variety of environments, I have gained valuable experience that could benefit many companies.

My background includes estimating, engineering, software, hardware, web, computer security, networking, business analysis and patent law.

I am currently self-employed. I am working on a Linux kernel project as well as projects for my customers.

At Michelin, I worked with ASP.NET and SQL Server 2008. I also provided tech support.
My major projects included:
A Windows Mobile application which would scan barcodes and upload the data to SQL.
I also worked on a scrap project,
a system which maintained the retail labels,
a quality system,
a scheduling system,
an SQL database which fed tire specs to several systems in the plant
an hour management system to track the labor in the plant.

Before my position at Michelin, I worked on projects including coding basic HTML, helping a bank transition their computers after a buyout and repairing X-box 360s.

At the USTPO, I was part of the 1st training academy and was trained for over 2 months on patent law.

At the US Army COE, I designed several databases and websites. I also worked on Section 508 standards as well as a survey system for current projects.

Before that I was a consultant in the insurance industry.

I managed the design and implementation of a service contract system for ACEUSA. This included the desktop software, databases, web sites, and analysis reports. It provided business analysis reports in Excel and on the web. Other features included contract processing, claim processing, servicers, vendors, on-line claims and earnings. This software was written in VB6, SQL, ASP, and ASP.NET.

I helped develop and maintain an auto and home warranty system. The auto system included Canadian warranties. The home system included an on-line credit card system and a tax system which calculated taxes for cities, counties, and states. This software was written in VB6, SQL, ASP, and ASP.NET.

I also helped develop an accounting system which paid claims, managed credit cards, and checking accounts. The system reconciled the payments in the system to the payments in the bank.

The Signal bought out the software and business from ACE. I stayed on as a consultant to assist with migrating the business, software, hardware, and network. I also added a transaction module to the system to provide open ended accounting reports.

At Crawford and Co., I maintained and upgraded a class action Access system.

At Flexible Corporate Plans, I wrote a VB6 and Access system which was used to capture employees' insurance elections for the year. I also maintained the network.

As an estimator at Vulcan Industries, I estimated point of purchase displays. The process included pricing materials, labor, packaging and shipping.   I also wrote a computer program that automated some of the estimating process and helped with other computer problems.

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