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Patent Information 	Header

I am using this page to publicly publish ideas that I feel should not be patented, but should remain available to the public.
I will include the date that I made the ideas public. Therefore, all the ideas on this page can be used as prior art and no patents should be issued for ideas on this page after the publish date.
Since the ideas were published on my site on the published date, no patents should be granted for submission dates greater than that date for the ideas. I apologize if some of the ideas are duplicate, but at least it will be another piece of prior art.
Title: Public Prior Art Web Site        Publish date: August 27, 2006

My first idea is a public web site for prior art similar to this page. This web site would include any patentable subject matter which a group of moderators voted on. This web site will not be for profit rather for the benefit of the public.  Any variations to this website, including for profit web sites, minor variations like color, size, etc., the way information is gathered or edited, are included in this idea and should not be patented. Again, this web site is for ideas that should not be patented but available for use by the public.